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Junk Removal Experts in Grand Rapids, MI

We are a first-class junk removal service business, based locally, in Grand Rapids, MI.  We hold ourselves to the highest standards of customer service, work ethic, and quality.  Our mission is to help others while supporting our employees and contractors.

Junk Removal Services

Home Cleanout

End of lease cleanout
Home sale preparation cleanout

Basement Cleanout

Removal of unwanted items
Basement sweeping & vacuuming

Garage Cleanout

Removal of unwanted items
Garage sweeping & vacuuming

Shed Cleanout

Removal of unwanted items
Removal of entire shed

Construction Cleanup

Removal of constructions debris
Any standard construction material

Yard Waste Removal

Removal of yard debris & refuse
Tree branches, shrubs, leaves, etc.

Outdoor Services

Rubbish Removal

Removal of unwanted yard waste and refuse from the yard

Small Tree and Shrub Removal

Removal of small trees and shrubs

Pressure Washing

Cleaning of decks, siding, awnings, sidewalks, patios, fences and driveways